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NAÏO - DINO Autonomous Vegetable Weeding Robot


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Product Description

The Dino robot is designed to make vegetable weeding on large-scale vegetable farms easier. Its main asset is that it works autonomously, so you have more time for tasks with higher added value.

Dino is the first entirely autonomous electric robot to mechanically weed vegetable crops. The robot is designed by Naïo Technologies and has been on the market since early 2017. Today, more than 20 robots now weed our customers’ and partners’ vegetable fields in France and in Europe.

Key Stats


Reach: --

Axis: --

Weight: 800kg

Repeatability: --

Speed: --

Key Features

Less Drudgery

Rugged and Versatile

Automated navigation

Purchase Information

Delivery Times: 6 weeks

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