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NAÏO - OZ Weeding Robot


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The Oz weeding robot helps you during weeding and hoeing chores in order to increase your profitability while respecting the environment. It is designed to improve working conditions and reduce your daily workload. Oz is entirely autonomous but you can also guide it to go wherever you need. Learn everything you need to know about Oz by scrolling down this page or click on the video to see Oz in action.

Oz is an autonomous weeding robot. It works all by itself, without supervision, to free your hands and liberate your mind. Oz holds three different operating modes to cater to your every need.

Key Stats


Reach: --

Axis: --

Weight: 110kg

Repeatability: --

Speed: --

Key Features

Less Drudgery

Rugged and Versatile

Automated navigation

Purchase Information

Delivery Times: 6 weeks

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