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Schunk - PGN-plus-380-1-AS




Key Features

Water and Dust-proof
Max gripping force
Long gripper finger

Good for


Used in

Product by

Schunk Intec Ltd

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Universal 2-finger parallel gripper with a high gripping force and high maximum moments due to the use of a multi-tooth guidance.

Optimal standard solution for many fields of task. For universal use in clean to slightly dirty environments. Special versions available for dirty environments. 


Conceptual designed gripper

Drive concept oval piston for maximum gripping forces. Robust multi-tooth guidance for precise handling. Compact dimensions for minimal interfering contours in handling. High maximum moments possible suitable for using long gripper fingers.

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Universal and flexible gripper assembly

Mounting from two sides in three screw directions for universal and flexible gripper assembly. Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections for universal and flexible gripper assembly. 

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Manifold options

Manifold options for special optimization for your specific case of task(dust-proof, high-temperature, corrosion-protected, etc.). Comprehensive sensor accessory program for versatile querying possibilities and stroke position monitoring.

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