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SoftGripping - Construction Kit - 12 combination options


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Cobot grippers must be lightweight, easy to operate and  have no sharp edges. The flexible SoftGripping fingers in combination with the fully integrated SoftGripping Cobot bases are ideal to meet all these requirements. Depending on your gripping objects you can choose between centric or parallel SoftGripper. The number of fingers you need depends on the weight of your objects. Different sized objects can be covered by different cone angles of the fingers. You can chose between 60°, 75° and 90°. You will be surprised how safe and easy one SoftGripper can handle a broad range of objects due to its flexibility, there is no need of different gripper for different shaped objects. The fingers can be easliy mounted at the gripper base with a bayonet joint without any tools. Additionally a vacuum suction cup can be mounted centrically. These models require a compressor to grip. A vacuum system isn't needed, but can perform the full opening of the grippers. If you have special requests or uncommon sizes, we can design an individual SoftGripper perfect for your needs within two weeks.

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