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SoftGripping - Industrierobot Controlbox - 120cpm


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The Controlbox can be used to operate any SoftGripper. You can choose between two versions: To supply Cobot SoftGripper the box has two pressure outlets at the back panel. One for the vacuum suction cup and one for the fingers. The box for Hygienic and Industrial SoftGripper has one outlet for the fingers and high speed valves to reach gripping speed of less than 50 ms. At the front panel, the maximum output pressure is adjustable according to the specific requirements. With digital signals via the signal connector you can switch between three states for the Fingers: grip, release or relaxed. The suction cup can be switched between grip and release. You can use your own familiar automation setup with the Control Box or an UR-Cap we provide.                                                       

                                                       Industrial VP               Cobot VP-V 

Art.No.                                          SG.BP.1V.C2               SG.BP.2V.C1 

Input Pressure                                  4-8 bar                           4-8 bar 

Output Pressure Finger                  0-1,5 bar                       0-1,5 bar 

Output Pressure Vacuum Cup           -                                  -0,5 bar 

Switching Speed                             <50 ms                           <200 ms 

Input Pressure Tube                          6 mm                                6 mm 

Output Pressure Tube                       6 mm                            2 x 4 mm 

Digital Input                                    2x 24 V DC                     3x 24 V DC 

Signal Connector                     M12 IEC 61076-2-101   M12 IEC 61076-2-101

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Weight: 0.766kg

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