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Staubli - TX2-90L


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TX2 industrial robot range

Today, the collaboration between man and machine is making headway. The benefits of robots in industry are no longer in doubt: every year, robots join new sectors, and their “population” is growing around the world. As they become smarter and perform better, they are finding a place in production alongside humans. 

But what exactly is that place? And what is the vision behind their work? Humans and robots must work together like a team and not like competitors. Robots should work for the benefit of humans, to spare us tedious tasks and eliminate safety constraints. Eliminating barriers in everyday work, helping humans maintain full control over operations, and adding value to human work within companies, no matter their size or business, that is Stäubli’s philosophy. Today, these pioneering TX2 six-axis collaborative robots with their CS9 controller meet all of these expectations. 

Key Stats


Reach: 1200cm

Axis: 6

Weight: 117kg

Repeatability: 0.035mm

Speed: --

Key Features

High Reliability

Speed and Precision

High Rigidity

Purchase Information

Delivery Times: 4 weeks

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