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Transformational & Future Defining Automation Consultancy brought to you Bot-Hive

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Our Work

200+ Technologies

We’re proud to have introduced over 200 new and emerging I4 technologies to businesses across the EU. We’re your one stop advisory platform for discovering what’s new and what’s upcoming.

18+ Projects

We’ve delivered 18 consultancy & advisory projects to logistics companies, OEMs, food manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, packaging companies, healthcare providers and integration businesses.

600+ Hours

With over 300 hours of consultancy work provided to customers & partners in the last year alone, Bot-Hive are fast becoming the go to business for all things Industry 4.0

What We Offer

No matter what size of business you’re operating in, our consultancy business offers a series of advisory & delivery management services designed to shift gears at speed and at scale.

Process Mapping & Optimising

We spend time on your shop floor, in your boardroom and in our own bunkers to ensure processes are optimised and bottlenecks have been removed. Creating a smooth and healthy springboard for new technology is the start of any automation journey.

R+D, PoCs & Concept Feasibility

Using simulation, digital twins and 2nd tier suppliers, we build rapid prototypes to validate business cases and de-risk the process of investing in Industry 4.0 automation.

ROI & ROO Modelling

Calculating what the total investment return is ahead of contracts being signed is not an easy task. We can supply you with our templated approach and support you throughout the process.

Techstack Horizon Scanning

Developing a future technology roadmap is an exciting task. With so much happening it’s really a question of identifying what’s relevant and what the path to adoption is. Bot-Hive supports customers using its Node Networking Chain Solutions.

Execution & Ramp Up Planning

With a network of over 200 delivery partners, Bot-Hive carry a vast array of knowledge and project delivery experience. Learning from past successes and failures is key to developing a rounded execution strategy.

User Adoption Strategy

We’ve all been partial to new exciting projects which never really take off. Let’s not let that happen. User-centered design is key of course but Bot-Hive will support you with influencer roll-out, developing robust feedback loops and stimulating continual business improvement.

Case Study: How to Plan for Automation

A leading UK logistics business wanted consultation on how to deliver a two year automation transformation program, using cutting edge technologies like robotics, IOT and Industry 4.0 applications. The case study outlines the consultation process Bot-Hive delivered for the customer.