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Simulation & Digital Twins.

Build A Digital Twin

Digital Twins & Simulation Modelling provide a clear pathway to insights, automation modeling and real time feedback to support your critical decision making.

Top Tips For Building Digital Twins

A Quick Guide explaining what is a digital twin, why they're beneficial and best practice tips for successful implementation and adoption


Benefits of Digital Twinning


Design & planning new processes is opaque and causes complexity. Digital twins provide transparency and clear information about what impact automation will have on your organisation


With replica processes laid out in front of you, digital twins provide the perfect testing bed for running alternative process layout, code base testing and assessing performance variance


With increased visibility and testing capabilities, digital twins arm users with analytics previously unseen allowing users to vastly improve capital expenditure decisions, optimising operational performance and driving continuous business improvement

Image of Peter McToal

Bot-Hive have been able to present new and previously unseen technologies, both in the form of hardware and software to the Northern Ireland Technology Centre. Access to this technology widens our horizons and allows us to prepare automation and IT infrastructure that is future proof and ahead of its time

Peter McToal - Head of Digital, Northern Ireland Technology Centre

Visual Components

Robot Simulator Case Study

Midea mapped out their automation workflow using Visual Components 3D simulation program, the case study outlines how the businesses used 3D simulation to visualise the integration process before delivering the project in real life