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Micro Services

Modular, Agile & Mobile Automation shared services located at the heart of industry ecosystems

The Benefits

Localised Demand

Technology is enabling the growth of “Glocalisation”. Organisations now have the capability to solve supply chain issues by localising certain aspects of supply chain fulfilment through the availability of micro-services.

Flexible Fulfilment

Unlike traditional production facilities which benefit from economies of scale, highly automated hubs cater for high mix, low volume fulfilment. Material handling is designed for high product mixes allowing for flexible fulfilment.

Low Capex

Micro-Services are designed to be smaller in capacity enabling organisations to transfer fulfilment to local regions. This reduces capital expenditure from large industrial centres into bite size and cost-effective small modular hubs.

Partner With Bot-Hive.

Concept Feasibility

Bot-Hive are currently developing a number of feasibility studies for local councils, industry bodies and end users. We have built a blueprint which outlines cost structures, specification requirements and team know-how ready for your sign off. Speak to our team to discuss how your organisation and region can benefit from micro services.