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We are building a standardised interface library of automation devices using APIs & modular connectors.


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The Bot-Hive Interface

What is it?

The Bot-Hive Interface is a standardised interfacing profile which sits between different automation devices. With access to thousands of products and their technical specifications, Bot-Hive has created a growing library of off-the-shelf configurable APIs & modular connectors to easily connect devices together from across the automation supply chain.

The Benefits

Our standardised interface between devices provides engineers with a blueprint of how devices should interface to each other. At Bot-Hive, we believe strongly in the standardisation of interfacing protocols to radically improve the way automation systems are commissioned and maintained. With our interface, we are enabling engineers to easily mix and match automation devices from different suppliers to create a new era in flexible automation.

What We Support

On a field device level, our interface supports Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Ethernet I/P, Profinet, RS 44/485 and CANbus. For controllers and PLCs we support EtherCAT, Ethernet I/P and Profinet. For our cloud integration Bot-Hive communicates via TSN with in-built communication on TSN for third party software integration e.g. MES & WMS.

The Bot-Hive interface supports three user groups:


The Bot-Hive Interface helps automation OEMs sell their products into a single interfacing ecosystem. By easily connecting automation products together, we are enabling more OEMs to become more relevant to more customers.

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